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Finally, An iPad Keyboard Case That Gets It Right

Logitech BLOK Keyboard Case for iPad
Written by Steve Walker

This week, Logitech introduced the BLOK Keyboard Case for the iPad Air 2. All I could say when I saw the announcement was “finally”. For years, I have been looking for the perfect keyboard case for my iPad. My requirements are relatively simple. I want a keyboard case that:

  1. Protects both the front and back of the iPad when closed.
  2. Protects the iPad from drops.
  3. Has a keyboard that can be separated from the rest of the case so the keyboard does not add weight to the iPad when I use it as a reader.
  4. Makes the iPad easier to hold while reading.

My favorite iPad keyboard cover to date has been the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Case. Here is a great and highly accurate review of the previous generation of this cover. (Do I need to include a disclaimer that I wrote the linked review?) In any case, the Logitech Ultrathin is a great iPad keyboard cover. The keyboard works great and it is extremely light weight. It also easily separates from the iPad so I do not have to deal with the keyboard when I am using the iPad as a reader. However, it does not protect the back of the iPad, it does nothing to protect against accidental drops and it does not make the iPad easier to hold when reading, so I have continued my search for the ideal iPad keyboard cover.

I thought I had found it when Belkin announced their Ultimate QODE Pro keyboard cover for iPad. It does not appear to me that this cover would provide protection against drops and I’m not a huge fan of the design, but it appears to meet all of the rest of my requirements. However, this iPad keyboard cover gets killed for having poor Bluetooth connectivity, so I have not been able to justify buying it.

Now we have a new contender in town. I am very excited to try the BLOK Keyboard Case when it officially hits the market. It may be the first device that meets all of my requirements and, as an additional bonus, I like the design of the device. The one issue I see at this point is that it is being listed as being compatible only with the iPad Air 2. As an owner of the original iPad Air, that could be an issue for me. I will be interested in seeing if it is compatible with the original iPad Air as well. Given that the primary difference between the two iPad Air models seems to be thickness and weight, it would seem surprising that Logitech could not easily adapt this keyboard cover to the original iPad Air. I have to admit, though, that I have no idea if the ports, buttons and other controls are in the same physical locations between the two models.

In any case, I am very intrigued by this new product and I am looking forward to giving it a test drive. I would love to hear if anyone else has found an iPad keyboard cover that they love. If so, please leave a comment!

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