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Does the Apple Watch Have Bluetooth Connectivity Issues?

Apple Watch with Black Sport Band
Written by Steve Walker

Recently I recommended my favorite pair of sport Bluetooth headphones to my brother-in-law for his runs. I have used this pair of headphones for several months and I have always been extremely pleased with the quality of the sound and, perhaps more importantly when running, the snugness of the fit. He was in the market for a pair of Bluetooth headphones because he had recently received an Apple Watch as a present from his wife (my sister in case you couldn’t figure that out). I was surprised when I received a text from him asking about whether or not I had experienced any static or interference issues with the headphones I had recommended.

I had not experienced¬†any recurring Bluetooth connectivity problems myself, but it did make me start to think. I realized that the one time I remembered such issues, I was in New York City and I was running with just my Apple Watch and my headphones, which is the killer app of the Apple Watch for me. At the time, I had written off the interference issues to the large number of 802.11 based wireless networks clustered in NY. However, as I thought about my experience in NY, I realized that perhaps the experience that I had in NY was more related to connecting my headphones directly to my Apple Watch rather than to my iPhone. Let me explain…

Since I received my Apple Watch in late May, I have usually carried my iPhone on my runs and hikes because I prefer audiobooks to music for long endurance training. Since the Apple Watch cannot currently play audiobooks natively (more on that later), I have continued to carry my iPhone. On the rare occasions that I have left my iPhone at home and connected my Bluetooth headphones directly to my Apple Watch, I do remember having some popping and static. Not a lot, but enough to be distracting and infinitely more than I have experienced with my headphones connected to the iPhone in my pocket.

All of this made me wonder whether or not the Apple Watch is at fault. So is the Apple watch experiencing Bluetooth connectivity issues? It seems that some people feel that it is. I am going to test my Apple Watch Bluetooth connectivity over the next couple of weeks and I will report my findings.

What has been your experience? When you use the Apple Watch’s Bluetooth connection directly and leave your iPhone at home, do you experience static and drop-outs? Let us know – inquiring minds want to know.

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