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How To Make An Apple Watch For Men

Apple Watch For Men = Wallet Replacement
Written by Steve Walker

The Apple Watch is currently made for chicks. That cannot be disputed because it has appeared in this blog. So how could Apple design an Apple Watch for men? It occurred to me the other day that not only is there a way to create an Apple Watch for men, but Apple is already in the process of creating it. (Shout out to James Arthur who helped me realize this.)

The key to making an Apple Watch for men is to create a killer app that all (or at least most) men want. For me, the Apple Watch has a killer app as a fitness tracker. But let’s face it, that is not going to work for most men. However, what would appeal to most guys is having the Apple Watch replace their wallets. Obviously replacing a man’s wallet includes a payment system that works everywhere, because the wallet needs to be able to replace both cash and credit cards. Apple and many others are working on this. But you also have to think about all of the other junk that most men carry in their wallets. In order to fully replace my wallet, the Apple Watch would also have to be able to act as:

  • an ID card such as a driver’s license that would be accepted by police officers and other authorities,
  • a source of membership cards, such as store cards, health cards and AAA cards,
  • a repository for tickets, passes and the like, and
  • a storage device for important receipts and business cards when those have to come on paper.

If the Apple Watch could do all of that, I would no longer carry a wallet and that would be a killer app. So how is Apple doing on their Apple Watch for men? Well, the building blocks are there but most are too immature to really be truly useful. Apple Pay works, but is only available at a small percentage of retailers today (at least based on my experience). Passbook is an app that should be able to store IDs, membership cards and tickets/passes. However, while I can get some tickets onto the Apple Watch, it does not replace an ID and you would have to get creative in order to have it replace your membership cards (for instance, by taking photos of them and then transferring the pictures to the Apple Watch, which is far from user friendly). And finally, in order to store receipts and business cards, it would be far more convenient if the Apple Watch had a camera.

So, while Apple clearly seems to understand what it would take to make an Apple Watch for men, they have a lot of work to do to get it there. I will be interested to see what interesting apps are developed in the fourth quarter of this year when Apple allows developers to start releasing native Apple Watch apps, but I would be surprised if there is a “replace my wallet” app forthcoming. In the meantime, I will just have to enjoy my Apple Watch as the fitness tracker that it is.

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