New Products: Apple Watch Accessories Are Coming!

Written by Steve Walker

I just ran across this new Apple Watch stand from Nomad. It is a great looking stand and obviously designed with Apple gear heads in mind given its elegant simplicity. At $69.95, though, it is awfully pricey for a place to put your Apple Watch while charging. What I found interesting about it, though, more than the stand itself is the fact that it shows that Apple Watch accessories are coming out at a rather rapid pace at this point. In addition to this stand, I have seen a lot of third-party bands, the most interesting of which are those that come with a battery reserve. So it seems that despite the reports that the Apple Watch sales are disappointing and analysts starting to talk about a failed product, it seems that many accessory vendors are betting otherwise. So keep your eyes open, because the Apple Watch accessories are coming fast and furious!

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  • I think the articles you link to regarding the Apple Watch sales disappointments are ridiculous. Why tout them as representative of this”a sales disappointment”? The first article talks about what a study of email receipts “suggests”. And the 2nd article is just crazy – with a title that completely misrepresents the nature of the article. The 2nd article is not about sales failure but about the botched intro regarding supply and availability. Nowhere is there a link between a botched intro and disappointing sales forecast.

    • I tend to agree that the articles are likely flawed. However, there is definitely some strong opinions out there that the product is a failure at this point. It seems that accessory makers are betting against these predictions, which is what I was really trying to say.