About GizmoRAP

GizmoRAP is a site that is intended to provoke discussion about gizmos, gadgets and all things tech. The site provides reviews and insights on the latest technology from our contributing authors. The goal, though, is to start a dialogue with our readers about these technologies. Our articles are intended to be conversation starters, not conversation ending, know-it-all opinions. We promise that we won’t be offended if you tell us that we are crazy for preferring one technology or gadget over another. Maybe we will even learn to appreciate a gadget that we have not yet tried ourselves. So please chime in! (Cue a litany of Apple versus Android fanboy arguments in 3…2…1…)

You might be wondering why RAP is capitalized in the title of the site. Good question! RAP stands for Ratings Adjusted for Price. It is a concept that we came up with that, in theory, will help normalize the ratings of different products when price is factored into the equation. For instance, the Apple iPhone 6 is an extremely capable phone and tends to get relatively high ratings from impartial reviewers. However, it is also one of the most expensive phones on the market when compared with comparable phones. So how do you compare it to, for instance, the LG G3 which tends to get less rave reviews but is priced $100 lower on average (after subsidies). The concept of RAP is to adjust the available ratings based on the price-ratings curve of the marketplace. Admittedly, right now this is more of a concept than a reality as we are yet to gather enough data in any individual product segments to create our first RAP curves. Stay tuned, though, because RAP reviews are coming.

Thanks for visiting GizmoRAP and please let us know if you have any questions or comments!

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